long weekend

So for my long weekend I worked. It wasn't what I had really planned but it is over now so there isn't anything I can change now. I guess it was time and half day today, which isn't too shabby.

Friday afternoon, Heather and I went to Home Depot to look for mulch for m yard but didn't find any and nobody wanted to help us so we left. After watching a couple episodes of Scrubs, we went outside to dig up a bit more of my yard. I'm hoping that soon most of the weeds in that section will be gone. I'm thinking I will plant some Junipers in their place because I don't much like cutting grass and loose dirt isn't really a good choice either.

Later in the evening, we enjoyed the Oilers win the hockey game. We then tried to go for a walk but it started to rain on us and I had my camera without the case so we had to come back to my house.

Saturday morning we got to drive up to Tuscany to get my sister... I still can't understand why people live up there. Though I guess there aren't lots of places where you can get a house like mine that isn't way out there. Later in the day I worked.

Sunday, I worked. But after that went to Heather's where we had a lovely dinner and then watched the hockey game and went for a walk around Sunnyside and along the river.

Finally, I worked today too.

Oh well, at least I get paid to work and didn't have to deal with people who were too stupid.

Song: Just a Toy - BNL