a whole month gone (well almost)

It seems that everybody is delayed in posting these days. Last week was a pretty good week. I didn't really get much accomplished on my research project because everything that I did was not correct, and I volunteered at the CSCE conference for a few days. The conference was neat. I got to watch presentations and I even liked some of them. I had a session about landfills; it was interesting, but I wouldn't really want to work on them. There was also a presentation about LEED credits that dealt with how one can acquire credits using interlocking segmental paving (click for image). It was really cool because I think roads and paths made of that look so neat, and seem like they can easily be fixed if the bricks break or something below them needs replacing.

So far my class has been good. I got an A on the first assignment, where we had to "translate" a technical document into one that lay-people could understand. I have to edit my proposal for the class tomorrow since it is due Wednesday.

Tomorrow is the last day that I don't have to go to the university until at least next Tuesday. I get the pleasure of working Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. It should be fun. I guess it isn't so bad, at least I'm making money.

On the weekend Heather and I went to Ikea. I bought some more plants and she bought some stuff too. We were going to see a movie except that something... I don't really remember why we didn't go. But I think next Tuesday I will go down and see Why We Fight. It is supposed to come out in our theatre on Friday.

That's enough of a disjointed post for me.

Song: Crazy - Gnarls Barkley
Book: I should start reading books again