set up for a another year

Done... well I think so. My model has been tested for the 9 conditions that I was to look at. I really hope that I have covered everything because I don't really want to re-run those tests.

In other news, I registered for courses this morning. I am still deciding if I want to take Engineering ethics this year or next year. I seem to be allowed to take it this year and that would leave me with only 10 classes in my last year. (Unless Linguistics doesn't give me credit for that course, in which case I will have to take that in my last year. That reminds me I should head over there to see if the advisor is there...) I actually get to finish by 2 most days, and the 5 hour lab that I am supposed to have only happens 2 or 3 times all semester, not 7 or 8 times like we thought.

Song: Don't Look in Their Eyes - Stabilo, St. Elsewhere - Gnarls Barkley
Book: I picked up a pile at the library today for my COMS project and I guess I will have to read them and go through them to find the information that I know they contain.