so little time...

It really dawned on me this afternoon that I have a research paper due in two weeks and it needs to be at least partially done in one for a peer review. I think I will be busy this weekend. But I guess I still have the rest of the week to get work accomplished. I'm doing a report on transit-friendly planning, and I spent about an hour in the university library yesterday getting books on the topic.

I had never been in the stairwell of the library block and I was amazed at how beautiful it was. The green tiles all the way to the bottom are stunning. It is really too bad that nobody puts that kind of finishing touch on buildings anymore. It is always some hideous installation or a guess which wall is the accent wall type of thing. (Joke being that none of them are the accent wall but you will never be told that.) I wish I had had my camera but since I was getting books I already had an extra bag and didn't need the camera also.

Tonight, I went to see Why We Fight. It was quite a good movie.

Song: Minstrel Boy - Enter the Haggis, One Great City! - The Weakerthans
Book: Transit related things
Oh well... I guess I should get to bed so I can do work tomorrow.