last weekend of my course time

That was an interesting weekend. Friday, Heather and I went walking downtown in search of food. We ended up at Opa! and it was tasty. Then we went to see A Prairie Home Companion, which was a funny movie. There were so many old people there. I think we were the only people between 18 and 30 that weren't there with parents. Two annoying ladies were sitting behind us and they made the pre-movie waiting seem like it was going on forever.

Then we walked around downtown a bit more and I took some more photos. While waiting to get my sister at the university we kicked around a soccer ball on the south lawn of MacHall. It was enjoyable.

Saturday, we went to Campus Fair, which was ok. It wasn't as cool as I suspected it might be. Some of the things were neat but not much that I hadn't seen before in university demos. The unique thing was that I won a wireless router from Memory Express, though I think they are calling themselves memx now. I just randomly entered their draw and now have a new wireless router, which I haven't used yet. I guess it can be added to my collection of 2 wired routers that aren't used that often.

I worked on Saturday night and it poured for a while and I was soaked. My jeans were soaked from the bottom of the leg to the knees and a bit wet above the knees also. However, I did get a new work rain jacket, so it wasn't all bad.

Sunday was spent making my presentation for COMS and watching soccer. Also, we went to Chili's for Father's day. It was a pretty good weekend. Hopefully, this week I will get out to see An Inconvenient Truth and actually organize my room and yard.

Sound: World Cup Spain v. Tunisia