Meteor Loonie splurge before it goes south

I have in the past few weeks bought a few things from the states because well it is easy and cheap. My criteria are they ship by USPS/CanadaPost or they have a "broker" (like DHL Globalmail) that takes care of GST/PST payments before it gets to me. USPS is nice because it ends up at the post office /card shop up Yonge and the people there are nice enough. I ordered a digital tuner for my computer for $100 less than what it costs here and though I have to wait to get it, I don't really have to go that far to get it.

Just today, I got Scrubs season 6 on Barnes and Noble for $18 less than on or HMV. Once again waiting is involved but that savings is much better than the "AMAZING SAVINGS" we will get from the next GST cut. If I spent $50 at a store I will save $0.50, I lose more change in the sofa.

Anyway, maybe I will do my Christmas shopping online again but this time in the US, a country I have never been in.