Want a university staff job (non-academic)?

Good luck! (Unless you already work there, then you need it less.)

According to the University of Toronto’s Human Resources & Equity Annual Report 2010 (page 9 [PDF]) there were 844 postings from 1 Oct 2009 and 30 Sept 2010 that received a total of 60,883 applications (average 72/posting). Of the 844 postings, 677 postings were filled, but the interesting part is that 58% (395) were internal candidates and 42% (282) were external candidates.

It also too a while to fill the postings, an average of 61 days with a median of 56 days. The report notes these are 10-18 days longer than filling similar job functions as reported by the Conference Board of Canada. Unless you want management then the time to fill is similar to the wider economy.

Just some thoughts when you see that university job posting of your dreams.