2020 Bike Ride 27

A beautiful Friday afternoon to finish work a bit early and try out a new route. I tried out the new multi-use path on the Champlain Bridge and came back by taking a trip around the Formula 1 track. The bridge path is very nice with wide lanes and a great view down the St Lawrence. I took a lap around the F1 track because it was relatively not busy compared to most times I’ve been past. A great way to unwind after a busy couple weeks and I have discovered a bunch of potential paths on the south shore.

Total trip distance: 26.22 km

Moving time: 1h 18m

2020 Ride 27

Zoomed in image. I covered new bits for the segment from Ile-des-soeurs to the Saint-Lambert Lock and the bit around the F1 track.

2020 Ride 27 - Zoomed In