I will get to it...

Let's think about this for a second, my life seems to be going along just like the commercial where the guy won't try ice cream. Everyday I'm like oh I'll get around to it tomorrow, and it drives me crazy. However, that is how it has been going for a bit now so, obviously, I must continue the trend even though it isn't what I want at all.

Recap: I think too much about things I want to do, and don't do enough to realize these things. Regardless of what they are. I don't get a job (though that is looking up), I keep procrastinating (even though I know I would be better off if I didn't), and I don't go out (those who know what this means know and others sorry I shan't say). Less thinking, more doing. That should be my new motto. It's kind of preachy though so maybe I will rework it and get a better version. We can call that version 1.0, and I won't use the motto until I rework it to version 1.2.

I'm still thinking that my theme song should be Nice Guys Finish Last by Green Day because well it's true. Just can't get ahead.

In other news school is much better. Though I may have just entered into a new round of less that excellent.

Mood: disappointed (that I can't do what I want)

Book: Dracula (oh Engl101, what a great class, actually not that bad)

Whereto: Bed, soon. The Daily Show starts in an hour.