Good day to all. I am broadcasting from Toronto now. I hopped on a flight to Edmonton on Saturday afternoon then waited in that city for 45 minutes before I got on another plane to Toronto. Of course taking a Taxi to my grandma's house that would be too easy so I decided along with my 3 bags that I would take Public Transit from the Airport all the way to her house. After being on planes and in the airports for 5 hours what was another 2 hours of standing around and waiting and sitting on subways. It turned out all well until the very last bus I got on which left the station in the opposite direction from the one I wanted. (Nothing new here I never used to take the bus from this station because I always would get on the wrong one so lesson for next time I want the 124 not the 52).

I haven't really done anything else I am trying to get ahold of my 2 potential employers and that is almost more complicated here than it was when I was in Calgary but no matter.

Book: Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King.

State: Good though this city makes my hands cold.