A game in hand

We won. Yay! Umm... Yea I guess it is good for the team. It also gives all those girls on 17th a reason to flash people. Heaven knows why they feel the need to do that, but whatever they want to do.

Moving along to more interesting things... I went to Ikea today and got scissors and a plant. The scissors are just because when I am here there is one good pair in the house and when I am not living here I just don't have any. I managed all last year without but they would have been useful at many times. Anyway, I have them now. The plant is really neat. I will post a picture of it later for those of you who care what it may or may not look like.

So, I have been going to the library quite a bit and so far I have randomly picked out books. I got one on Scandinavian design, another on Macroeconomics and some magazines, including the Economist. The selection seems kind of random but I'm sure I will get it sorted out before the end of the summer. I have also been getting out lots of music. I have a few Aphex Twin albums and a whole pile of Brazilian stuff.

Song: Bat Out of Hell - Meatloaf

State: good, but bed time.

Book: Those listed above and the one from the other days on Latin America