Of groceries and chopped food smells

Ok... So washing dishes isn't too bad once you get to use dish gloves and therefore your hands don't get all prune-like and all the skin falls off... Yea yesterday night was fun. I did make my first "real" money of the summer working at a job. I guess it's a start.

Moving along to the topic of packing groceries... So, there was this video that I remember watching while I worked at Wrayton's (no longer open and their space in the mall has been replaced by cars from the dealership which is outside the mall) and the video included rules (ok maybe they were more like guidelines) of packing groceries and the first one was no more than 6 items in a bag... No just kidding that wasn't one of them. The things were dumb like "don't pack the bags too heavy," "don't put eggs on the bottom of a bag," "don't put bread on the bottom of a bag (unless only accompanied by bread," and "even if the customer is stupid don't put a bag over their head." (Right you got me that last one wasn't one either, but there were some people who maybe should've been naturally selected long before they ever entered the store.) But perhaps at the stores in Ontariland they are to appear like they only put 6 items per bag. (For those of you who don't understand the point of this paragraph, check the link at the start where it says topic of...)

I had another interview today at the University. This time it was for a position in the library and it was a really good interview. It wasn't one of those interviews where they ask you tons of questions that don't seem to have any relation to the job, so that was a nice change. And I thought it went much better than my interview yesterday, for which I did not get the job. I am really hoping that I do get this job because I believe that I would like to work in a library and maybe I would be able to use such a skill at the university in the fall maybe working there or something like that.

That seems to be all I have tonight and tonight I don't think I will bother changing the date back to yesterday's so the post goes on the right day. Oh the title right... My clothes smell like chopped onions and various peppers, which actually is not a bad thing to smell like.

Song: I have a song in my heart... ok so there isn't a song but I was amused.

State: State no more.

Book: The Latin American history one.