Class and Stats

You know what is the only annoying thing about spring/summer classes... It's that the exams are so close together. I had my first Spanish exam on Tuesday night and I have my mid-term next Tuesday night. Oh well. I doubt I will be forgetting lots over the course of the week.

So I was looking at my webstats today and I was amazed to see that I had visitors from further afield than this city and Ontario. But the thing that concerned me more was that somebody was using a MacintoshPPC which would be a reasonably old computer... Who are you? Comment me...

I'm tired it is quite late and even though I don't have to work tomorrow I'm sure something will come up over the course of the day that will require my immediate attention. I will be off to bed and write something more interesting tomorrow.

Song: Karma Police - Radiohead

Book: History of Latin America