Politics again...

Well I was reading the Herald this morning because well I don't get the Globe and Mail during the week and there was a really good editorial by a UofC student. (I know who knew they could write.) Anyway he's in Calgary-West riding where Rob Anders is running for the third time and they want him out. Here is the site indexed in the article. So all you people in Silver Springs get out there and vote him out.

And another blow against the Conservatives should be this article by CTV from mayors of Canada warning against the lack of Conservative policy regarding cities. LINK

Well back to me... I was originally posting for the info of those in my own riding of Calgary-North Centre. The following link is from the G&M site and if you click on each of the candidates's names you can get a short bio of them. LINK Let's do all we can to stop Jim Prentice from getting in.

Song: Message in a Bottle - the Police (how appropriate SOS to the World...)

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