Oh look a post, what a useless thing.

Work is stupid because everybody always gets paid more than I do. I would be so happy just to get a regular job that had set hours. None of this 6 p.m. to close shit, where close is anytime up to 1.5 hours after the place closes because the supervisor couldn't keep organized and coordinated with the front house people. And I didn't get my break until my slow new co-dishwasher had left. He had to catch the bus or something and left at 11 p.m. the last bus that you need to catch to get your connector isn't until midnight, and there is another bus after that one if you don't need a connector. So stupid.

Oh and look it's 3 in the stupid morning now and I will get up at like noon and feel all day like I haven't got anything done. I would love to get a morning stocking job or almost anything that starts at like 5 a.m. because then I could have a reason to go to bed early and then by the afternoon I would have accomplished something and could then do nothing. But this way I get up don't do much useful before work then do this after work.

Song: Til I hear it From You - Gin Blossoms

Book: WE