if { Weekend-- } then BLAH!!!

This weekend started out good and went off a cliff from there. Friday afternoon, I went to the newly opened BestBuy store with Jamie and Jasmine, and it was a nice place. Much nicer than FutureShop, mostly because the sales people are non-commission so they will actually help you even if you don't look rich. I didn't spend any money but Jamie went all out with a Playstation2 and a pile of games. Watching her spend money almost made me wish I had worked for the Flames over the playoffs, then I wouldn't have to be working every night that I'm not going to school.

Perhaps I will get a job somewhere over the Stampede. Apparently Cowboys Dance Hall is hiring but I can't go down on Wednesday nights when I can apply so that is STUPID.

Umm anyway... The rest of my weekend involved standing in soaking wet shoes working with people who believe that you can get lots done by doing work slower and slower over the course of the night then leaving 15 - 30 minutes before the kitchen closes. (That is when the work comes that one has to do fastest comes because the faster it is done the sooner you get to put on flipflops and not have to wear wet shoes anymore.)

I'm tired and am supposed to do paint prep in the morning, so I will probably write something tomorrow night about how much I like painting indoors or something like that.

Song: Til I Hear it From You - Gin Blossoms

Book: WE