Elvis Lives

I am not sure really what I want to write about today but yea. It seems that it doesn't matter what I write about it always turns into just a waste of time. I want my grades in the mail because that's how they send them at U of A, and I want those damned housing people to e-mail me back so we can figure out if my application actually says what it is supposed to say.

Last night was good at work because when Arthur came back from the Line to help me we somehow got on the subject of debate and then talk about M. Poirier. Since apparently everybody who works in the back (well all the younger ones) have gone or go to Abe. Also the dishwasher who was there when I got there got kicked out of Abe, presumably for not going to class that seems like the most likely explanation. Anyway, Arthur was going on about Be it resolved that Elvis lives. And it was really funny. "Elvis lives in out hearts and minds," and something about taking Michael Jackson as an example and Elvis must have not wanted to have to make himself look like that so he changed his name and he was claimed to be dead. All very amusing.

Song: Diamonds and Guns - The Transplants (which is about blood diamonds in Sierra Leone and not really appropriate for a hair product commercial.)

Book: WE