A Mishmash Which Stands for Nothing and Falls for Everything

I was reading AtAT and they had a link to this article about Monkeys and typewriters, which was actually more amusing than the article I had been reading. (It is also relevant to my last post in that the last point of that page refers to Elvis.)

I was supposed to start painting my aunt's house today, but when I woke up I felt sick and didn't want to get up at all. I went up and read the letters to the editor and editorials. In the paper there is actually an editorial saying don't vote if you don't care. And I disagree with this. I think that if you don't care then you should at least read the candidates' platforms and choose the best in your opinion based on that limited information. Actually I would support that even more because you are then less likely to vote for the party who manages to make the most flashy ads, which really isn't the point of an election. For example, I really like how the Conservative ad with the throwing away money is made. But I'm not voting for them anyway because their well made ad won't sway my vote because it doesn't really deal with anything and is basically an American-Style attack ad.

Moving along I went back to bed after reading those and slept for a few hours, when I finally did get up I found that it wasn't raining and that I might as well take the chance to mow a lawn I said I would mow. And promptly when I finished the job it started raining but it doesn't matter anymore because it's done. It is actually raining now. I really don't know where all this water is coming from because it obviously isn't evaporating from Alberta's numerous non-existent lakes. But oh well I have to work tonight so I wouldn't be at the park trying to play Ultimate anyhow.

What else... I talked to Rhoda this afternoon, I haven't seen her since last Tuesday which doesn't seem as long as I thought it had been. Well I should get back to reading my Spanish stories because I have to write a composition about one of them tomorrow night. Which reminds me we watched The Simpsons, in Spanish, in Spanish yesterday. It was good except that Moe's voice was completely incomprehensible.

Song: All Falls Down - Kayne West

Book: WE