Tomorrow a movie... I think

Alright I got a pile of pictures from Meghan from last week, or two weeks ago. And by pile I really mean USB drive. I also have a cool movie that I am hoping to post tomorrow but I have to find webspace to post it on.

I had the oddest dream two nights ago... It was just before I woke up and I was waiting at a red light and I got tired of waiting... for those of you who have driven along Crowchild you know some of the left turn signals are just annoying. Anyway, I got tired of waiting so I went through the red when no body was around (it was also the middle of the night in my dream). And after a really short bit there was this police hummer chasing me (they actually have at least one on the Calgary Police Service, so this isn't that crazy). I thought it was trying to pull me over so i pulled over and it passed me then a bit later I caught up to it and it chased me again and this time a 5-0 got out (who may or may not have been Arrrnold) and he gave me a pile of tickets... including a red light one and a speeding ticket, which gave me 300 demerit points. (I know that doesn't make sense since you get like 15 to use at a time so yea.) That was the end of the dream and then it was Sunday morning and I had to go to work to start being a prep cook.

In other real world related news, I am a prep cook at Julio's now and I work during the days from 7 a.m. until we finish our work for the day. It's been good for my first two days doing it. I also got my first real paycheck today so that's cool. I don't feel so poor but I still don't think I can spend any money. I feel like it's the end of June and i have hardly worked, but that isn't really true since I made a bit of money in May and I have worked since May 31st at Julio's.

I should really get the ball rolling with respect to my housing situation next year since I don't really want to go to Edmonton to live in a cardboard box since it gets cold there. Also, there is less power in a cardboard box than I would like as I would not be able to use my computer and communicate with all you people.

Song: F*** It - Eamon

Book: WE (close to finishing)

On deck: Spanish exam and two days off.