Those bad days

You know when you have a bad day and lots of things go wrong... well I didn't have one yesterday but it was on the brink of becoming one.

I got to work in the morning and found that the new schedule was up for next week and that I still had six more days to work because I got two days off. After thinking about that, it isn't very bad since work passes lots of time really fast. Later during the lunch rush I was on flat top, well not sitting on it because that would be really hot, but I was making fajitas and I was getting ready to serve on up onto one of the extremely hot pans. As I put the hot pan down on the cork holder they both fell off the edge of the flat top. Of course the cork thing missed me, but the hot pan hit the side of my shoe, which smoked a bit, before hitting the floor quite loudly. Then I had to run the hot pan back and throw it in the sink in the dish pit so nobody burned themselves on it.

Even later in the day, during the afternoon period where it's sorta dead and we have a chance to restock everything, I was cooking off chicken breast and I turned away for a second to check on a fajita I was cooking also, when I turned back there was a quite large grease fire on the grill. Actually it was on the drip tray. That was fun, or not. It burnt quite a few chicken breasts.

That's all that was really bad yesterday, I didn't use a knife very much which is probably good because I would have chopped off my leg or something seeing the way the day was going.

Last night I went to Caitlin's and we watched Ned Kelly. It was a pretty good movie. We also got stuff at Dairy Queen. I got a milkshake and it was pretty good, though not a Peter's Drive-In shake.

Song: Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Book: Jennifer Government

End note: [The Blogger spellcheck wanted to change "Caitlin" to "Stalin"]