#1 Day OFF

Today was my first day off after working for 9 days and I didn't do much. It was a good day. I went to the bottle depot and the mall to return a shirt that was too big. While I was at the mall I bought a mobile phone because the plan at it's discounted rate stopped being offered on Sunday so I decided I might as well get it now and save enough to pay for one month at the full price of the plan. I got a Siemens M55 phone which is pretty nice, it's a bit taller than my old one but it is way lighter. Also, it has a separate battery, unlike my old one. That's why I had to get rid of the old one, the battery died and wouldn't charge anymore.

This afternoon I talked to the Heather and bummed around the house. Then in the early evening Rhoda, Meghan and I went out for Vietnamese. It was really good. We all had a variety of soup. I got this Satay beef which was amazing, though the noodles were too heavy at the beginning and we couldn't get them high enough out of the bowl to eat them but we found ways around that. Afterwards, we went to Riley Park and played some Frisbee and grounders. I also found out that I can lift myself with my arms... something I wasn't so good at in the past. Fianlly we passed through North Hill mall on the way to Meghan's so we could get a banana split and Cherry Italian Soda from Timothy's (which in case you hadn't noticed isn't Starbucks form what I understand it's a good ol' Canadian company). Random TV was watched and S.W.A.T.

Song: Song 4 Tricia - Superchic[k]

Book: Jennifer Government