The mall most of the day

Today has been interesting so far. I went to the Optometrist and found that I get to keep using the same contacts until I run out, then will have to get the same for one eye and different for the other. It's too bad because I have always managed to keep both eyes the same contact prescription... Now I will actually have to grab a lens from a different box when I change them every month or so.

After that I went and picked up Jamie and Meghan and we returned to the mall. I contemplated buying this nice pair of North Face shoes but I just got new shoes on Boxing Day, incidentally at the same store that I was going to get the new ones.

Oh they have these awful ads... Maybe they are just stupid but whatever... In the mall, they say something like "Women love shopping at the new Market Mall" and they have a bunch of different pictures. One with a bunch of sleeping bags each in a parking spot, each with a woman inside presumably waiting to get into the mall. There is another which is a wedding cake with just the little groom figure on top and still another with a guy laying on a blanket as if he were leaning over to kiss his sweetie but she's gone, who knows where but I bet it wasn't the new mall. Anyway, the things are stupid, but the mall is much nicer than it used to be.

There is an EB in the new section of the mall, which was kinda cool. We also went to the Play store and there I was listening to the amazing CD in the world music section. But I didn't buy it since I didn't feel like it I guess.

Where else did we go... Oh right Coles I was going to buy this book about punctuation but then I didn't feel like it. I guess I didn't want to spend much money today.

Video games are up for tonight, which should be fun since I haven't done that in a while... Actually on second thought we played some N64 the other night... Oh well.

That's all for now.

Song: The Revolution Will Not be Televised - Gill Scott-Heron

Book: Fahrenheit 451