A Weekend Plus a Bit

I'm sure somewhere in my head there is a long blog post that at this moment in time I can't think of. Why, you might ask, am I writing this at this point? I don't really know. It may have something to do with me remembering things when I randomly write. So, here I go.

Quite a bit has gone on since I posted last. On Saturday, I worked during the morning and then in the late afternoon/early evening I went to Ricki's wedding, which was nice. There was also an after party, instead of a dance, and it was really fun. It gave a chance to catch up with people I hadn't seen in a few months and others I hadn't seen in about a year.

That night I also went to the mall (again), but this time I actually bought something instead of just trying it on and saying it's nice. I bought these really nice pants made by Dickies. When I bought them the guy at the store tried to sell me a $45 shirt to go with them, and I was like um, no since the pants don't even cost that. I guess I haven't mentioned that Lisa, Caitlin and I were still wearing our fancy clothes from the wedding. I was wearing my suit and they were both wearing nice dresses, though oddly I didn't feel out of place walking around a mall in that attire.

Oh here we go. Something I was going to talk about was the clothes that some people wear to gatherings, such as weddings. I always assume that people will be dressed up a weddings and so I wear my suit, but then people show up in clothes that some people would just wear everyday. (I will ignore that some people wear suits everyday because you know what I mean by the last sentence.)

I was reading on Lisa's blog about her being not sure of what she wants to do with her life. This made me start to think about my Honours project which I haven't really got a concrete topic for yet, and it is kind of getting close to the start of the year. I should really have a good idea of what I want to work on when the first week ends. So today I started on a brain storming spree and I have started to get somewhere. It isn't really true that I didn't have any ideas for my project, but while I was looking at classes yesterday it dawned on me that I really wasn't interested that much in the language or region to which my idea applied. I therefore scrapped the idea or more appropriately made it my last resort.

Oh we got a new dishwasher at work today and he seems pretty good. He spoke French to me because he asked if anybody spoke it and the prep cooks said that I did. Apparently I don't speak French enough or I mix it with Spanish. It was kind of bad, at the end of my day he was like are you going home, we would say "travail est fini", but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what he was saying so I just said ok. Then as I was walking to the bathroom (or Baffroom as the label on the mirror reads) I figured out what he had said. I was kind of embarrassed for myself.

I want to continue but I can't think of where to go next and it is late. I will leave this for today and I will write more tomorrow.

Song: Creating "Governing Dynamics" from A Beautiful Mind soundtrack

Book: How the Scots Invented the Modern World by Arthur Herman