Worst Service EVER!!!!

I can honestly say that tonight Jamie, Jasmine and I had the worst service that I have ever had in a restaurant. The worst part is that it was at Julio's. We were sat at our table promptly when we came in, only having to wait a minute while the people who arrived shortly before us were sat.

It took a few minutes before our server came to take our drink orders, this was only after he had walked past our table a few times carrying nothing and returning from his journey with nothing. After that it was a few minutes again before we got our drinks, which isn't so bad except that we were right beside the bar and could see our drinks had been poured already, while he continued on his baggage-less journey. To be fair he may have been trying to get his daily step count to the right number, but I doubt it.

He took our food order after leaving again, at least this time he walked past with plates for another table. Our food didn't take too long, and really I only know this because I know how long our order should take to cook if it isn't busy, and it wasn't busy because I could see that only a few bills were up at the kitchen 'window' (it isn't really a window but I can't think of a better description).

Oh I almost forgot... Jamie said her pop didn't taste great so I told her to complain, which she did, and our server said something close to "oh it's because of the ice that it tastes water-y." We accepted this because it was obvious that he wasn't going to do anything to remedy the problem, even though it was an idiotic answer. It was because we had just got our pop and the ice didn't have any time to melt and dilute the pop.

After this a runner came and took our plates, not our server, who didn't return until a while later with our bill. At no point during our close to 45 minute stay did he come back to ask if everything was ok. (We had to call him over for Jamie's complaint.) He also never offered us refills or anything else. With our bill we got one mini pack of gum, which is how much they give at this restaurant (at Whyte Ave they give one for each person in the party).

I had always talked with other cooks about the bad service at the restaurant but I didn't think it was as bad as this. It wasn't unbearable but I expected it to be better.

Now I will move on to things that I actually was planning on writing about tonight. I had some things that I remembered at work that I wanted to write about yesterday but I have forgotten them again.

Today was a pretty good day. I was quite tired when I got up and I didn't even go to bed that late last night. I got to work and the prep list I was working on had a good amount of items on it, which was nice. One of the other cooks bought us breakfast burritos so we had those about 10.30-ish... They were really good. After we were all done our day supervisor noticed that there was a fire coming form the broiler so a bunch of people ran back to fix that.

Later in the day it was decided that the grease on the broiler should be burnt off and so metal trays were placed overtop and I am told that they turned very red/white because of the great heat. Afterwards the whole broiler was dismantled and thoroughly cleaned.

Our new schedule was put up and I get to work all 7 days from Sunday until Saturday the 28th at 7am. I don't actually think it will be bad. It could have been at 9am but I don't like the 2 hours between 3 and 5 because it is lonely being one of the only people in the prep kitchen and when I get off work at 5, I'm not ready to do anything until 7-ish.

In other news there are only 10 days before Heather arrives here. Yay!

That's all for now, though I might think of more.

Song: Let's Get It On as performed by Jack Black on the High Fidelity Soundtrack

Book: How the Scots Invented the Modern World