The weekend or something like it

A weekend has gone by... This probably means at least one thing, that thing being that a week of classes has passed as well.

Over the weekend I hung out with first years doing the typically first year thing, drinking. I also watched a large amount of television, but that has been on-going, basically since I got here. For example, on Thursday night I watched a billion shows that I otherwise wouldn't have watched, but I had lots of fun making fun of them. The Apprentice 2 was especially worthy of the ridicule. However, I resolve not to watch Survivor, because I hate that show.

I think I will write something more inciteful later because really you deserve more than a vague play-by-play of what happened during my weekend.

Song: Huge Luge (I don't know who this is by but it's great so I would love if somebody could tell me)

Book: Eats, Shoots & Leaves - Lynne Truss (Thanks Roo, it's an amusing book)