Stupid quizzes and GMail


You are green. Perhaps one of the most balanced of

all the colors. By balanced, I mean balanced

in both bad and good parts. Let me elaborate:

You're a natural, and somewhat superficial

person. You're extremely generous, but, to add

to the confusion, you're frugal and stingy.

You're a forgiving, but jealous person. You're

imaginative, but still logical. At sometimes,

you're a complete neat-freak, and other times,

you're a total slob. You're very stable, but

undependable. But onto the other traits that

are associated with this color... You're a

stubborn person, simply put. Do you believe in

Feng Shui? Green is closely related to the

thought of having a balanced environment, you

know. When in a bad situation, you're

painfully pessimistic, and when you're in a

good situation, you're extremely optimistic. A

fairly outgoing and amused person, you enjoy

talking to people, and hearing their thoughts

on different things. As a plus, when people

hang around you, it seems like time passes by

all the more quickly.

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Also, I have 6 GMail invites for people so you can leave a comment with your e-mail.

Song: Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime - Beck

book: Fuzzy Logic - Matthew Friedman