I have reached the end of my Saturday once again. Today was a quasi-productive day. I did read a chapter of Business Law, but I didn't watch Frida. I guess I will watch the movie tomorrow. Tonight a bunch of us watched The Day After Tomorrow, which wasn't too bad, if I ignore all the times that vehicles were being thrown around by water yet their headlights stayed lit. During our movie the fire alarm went off, it's a nuisance but I think what bothered us was that it was cold and slushy outside. Though I am pretty sure everybody in the building stopped in their room to get a jacket before going down the fire stairs. We were told that it was somebody who had left their pot unattended that set off the alarm, that's the second time this year.

This afternoon, I went outside and had a snowball fight which was quite fun.

Last night, Heather and I went down Whyte Ave to Chapters and had food at Julio's. I rented DVDs for my Latin American Studies class, Frida and Before Night Falls. As usual, I felt sort of sick after Julio's but the jalapeƱos on the nachos were just so good.

Song: Watch This - Swollen Members, When I am King - Great Big Sea

Book: Fuzzy Logic