Sitting in the lounge today, I realized how conservative and closed minded the people who live around me are, for the most part. Anything that is public must be a bad thing, shows on CBC can't be good because, obviously, they are all socialist type views. I was thinking watching Rick Mercer's Monday Night Report would be great since I watched it last year, but then I thought of the shows that we had watched on CBC over the year so far. We have watched The Simpsons and I really can't think of anything else other than the occasional news broadcast. (That word makes me think of how one of the Newsworld anchors says "brooaaadcaaast".)

Though it is likely that the people think this way because they aren't the students who have loans and must work during the year to make it through, they are people whose parents are paying for almost all of school and living expenses while they are here. So, they don't have to care or understand how the student loan system doesn't really work for most students, nor do they have to care about other people at all beyond remaining amicable with the people who are nearby.

Song: Photograph - Weezer

Book: Fuzzy Logic