Changing stuff

I have a midterm on Friday, and I am pretty sure that I know what is going on in that class. I will probably get somebody to ask me random questions about my notes.

I finally looked at my Economics mark and it seems to be wrong. So, I have to head over there Friday to get that checked out. I am fairly certain that it is just that the wrong grade was posted on the board because many people have had the wrong grade in their slot.

On Monday evening the people who usually hang out in the Yellow lounge went down to the Marina for some snacks, and when we got back the people from the Green wing had taken the TV from the lounge and one of the couches. This turned out to be a good thing because after that I went down and hung out in the hall with them and I have all week.

I should get to bed since I have to study and take movies back tomorrow.

Song: Beat The Drum - Great Big Sea from Something Beautiful

Book: An Anthology of Humor Writing from the New Yorker