Well today I had my Latin American Studies midterm, and it was much more straight forward than I had anticipated. I knew which questions to choose right away when I read them and I knew what I wanted to write for them. It was really quite nice, and the True/False questions weren't trick ones that so many profs like to use. I wasn't really worried about the exam, I knew that I could do fine, if not great.

Also today, I went up to see why my economics mark didn't line up with what I thought it should be from the answer key. It turns out that on the scan sheet I put two answers on one line and then left a line blank 2 later. Thankfully I had circles all my answers on the question sheet and I got the two marks that didn't get counted because of that little mistake. I was really thankful that the professor was nice enough to accept that slip-up.

This weekend I should really study for Discourse Analysis, as well as write the paper proposal for that class. Well should... I really have to since the proposal is due Monday and the midterm is Wednesday.

Yesterday, I went down Whyte Avenue to return my DVDs that I had rented for LA ST, and I also picked up my consignment cheques from selling textbooks. I was quite impressed that I got about $115 from my four books, for which I paid like $140.

Later, I was in the Green Lounge reading a textbook and then it became 9 o'clock so people started watching Survivor, and, despite my best efforts, I watched it. I can't figure out why that show is still popular, but alas society is often odd.

I also was informed that I know many many people with birthdays on the 21st of October. It's my brother's, Rhoda, a cousin's, some other family acquaintance and one of my brother's friends. I was amazed that I only knew that it was the first two's birthday.

It's 2.30 now and I should take the random handouts out of my clipboard before I go to Economics. I don't want to be late, and by late I mean get there less than 7 minutes before the class starts because last time I had to sit near the back and the rejects around me kept talking for the whole class.

Song: Beat The Drum - Great Big Sea

Book: Fierce Pajamas