I know many of you are sad because of the election, but I find that many people around me have been overreacting. Jackie for example kept saying that she things George will bomb Alberta, now at this point that is ridiculous because until November 21st Ralph can still just sell Alberta to George for 15 convertible Cuban Pesos. This brings us to something more important than the US election, which is our own election.

On November 22nd, we Albertans get to decide who will spend our oil windfall. (Ha ha ha ha ha... Ok, I almost believed that for a second.) I mean the conservative party gets to be re-elected and waste our money. They could spend it on Health and Education like their survey of Albertans told them we wanted them to, but they will probably spring for something more extravagant and memorable than that. Maybe they will buy a full price submarine so we can patrol Lake Louise and protect it from those evil-doers, or they will spend it on improvements to major roads that link the many backwater towns of Alberta.

It is actually quite sad that I genuinely feel that I will be wasting my vote in the election because so far I haven't seen anything that resembles an credible opposition. I have not even seen a single news story or sound bite of the Alberta Liberals. I have seen the NDP a few times, but let's not try to hoodwink anybody, the majority of Albertans are unlikely to vote for such a group of socialist leaning politicos (I imagine that they are probably talked about as closet Stalinists or Marxists.) The people can't seem to understand that some of the most important things that Canada has and stands for were brought to us by left-wing or socialist politicians. (Granted, they were rarely in power for these changes, but used their balance of power influence to get their agenda recognized.)

I guess my hope is that maybe, just maybe, we won't have a landslide election of the so-called Progressive Conservatives.

And for the record 51% percent is the majority and though the majority is not always right, that is how democracy works (or should work). Only those with at least 51% should gain power. Perhaps we should push for a representational system in Alberta, so that each vote really counts because I think our apathy would hinder the use of run-off elections if no candidate receives 51%.

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