Weekend of long

I haven't posted since my long weekend started. So let's see what happened...

On Thursday, I went to Safeway and watched TV. I read a bit for my classes and that was about all.

Friday: I got up late and then Rhoda arrived and we went to Ikea. I bought a new pillow because one of mine is sort of flat and old, but I haven't bothered to throw the old one out yet. After that we bought some really good pizza from Safeway, and played various games with Heather and others.

Saturday: Rhoda and I went for a walk down Whyte Ave. Mostly we just poked around in book stores and When Pigs Fly. We went to see The Take, which was quite good. It's about workers in Argentina taking over factories that have been closed down and restarting production for the good of the workers.

This morning there was a fire alarm in my building at about 11.50 and we didn't get to come back inside until about 12.25. It was caused my a sprinkler being set off two floors above mine, in a lounge. And water needs to go somewhere, so it has passed through the lounge on my floor on it's way down to the ground. There are small streams of water still rolling down the inside of the window.

Anyway, that was my long weekend. I didn't accomplish much in the way of school work but I had fun.

Song: Carrying the Banner from Newsies

Book: A Short History of Nearly Everything