There is a Better Way

This was an odd Tuesday. I got up later than I was thinking I would and then I got a whole bunch of work done. I didn't write as much of my paper as I had hoped, but I managed to get a couple solid sections out of the day.

Also, I found out how useful this new Google Scholar is. I typed in a few words form my paper topic and it returned a bunch of links to PDF versions of journal articles. Many of them I could download because I am connected through the university web access and the university has subscriptions to. It was about four billion times easier than trying to decrypt the fantastically shitty journal indexes the library website has.

Unfortunately, we didn't get the papers on the floor today so I couldn't collect ads for my other paper, but I'm sure we will get papers eventually. Worse case scenario, I will have to go through the recycling bin to get old papers. Though I'm positive that advertising agencies don't change their tactics in a two week span, so old papers will be fine for my purposes.

That's really all I have for now.

Song: Together - William Shatner

Book: A Short History of Nearly Everything