Christmas Eve

Tonight, my family and I went over to the DoyleWad's for Christmas Eve dinner. In the past we haven't really gone places as a family for the Eve, except church when we were younger and performed in the show. So, we got there and there were really good hors d'oevres including salmon roll, cheese and shrimp.

Then a turkey dinner which was really good. The great part for me was asparagus because we don't eat that ever at my house. I think that my mum doesn't like it and so none of my siblings have ever really eaten or for that matter tasted it.

After that my sisters and mum went off to mass with the DoyleWads, and my brother and I went home and played a game of Starcraft. Followed by Settlers of Catan when my sisters arrived home.

Overall it was a really good way to spend Christmas Eve. However, Melissa and I had to break our tradition of having dinner on the Eve at one of our houses. Though we will make up for it in the near future I'm sure.

Sound: Acappella holidays on iTunes Radio

Book: The Catcher in the Rye