Job soon... please

It's Sunday night, well only in the sense of the last time I got up it was Sunday, but anyway that isn't important. This weekend, I did my Standard First Aid course. It was actually quite a bit more fun that I had expected that it would be. I was a bit worried before it started that I would have to show things to the instructors with lots of people watching but there were never more than 8 people out of the 19 in the course that were "sitting off". It was good and I only got one wrong on the written test, and don't worry my answer was close to the right one. It was just the next step in the sequence.

Over the past week Jamie and I have been playing Simpsons' Road Rage on PS2 and we are hoping that we can unlock the last 4 cars and see the end movie. I know it seems like a silly thing to spend our nights doing but it beats sitting around watching TV.

I am trying to get a job doing data entry for an oil company because I hear they pay well and that will make my life easier since I will be able to save up all my tuition for the rest of my degree and then I can work a lower paying job if necessary while I am actually going to school. I have been thinking for the last week or so that I wanted to take a course this semester, but the two I would choose from have not had open spaces in them so it is looking less like I will take one. I might take on in the spring or summer term that would be good if I could do that. I am going to try to take the second engineering design class that I need to take in the summer term, if it is offered.

I guess I should go to bed soon since it is quite late.

Song: Jesus of Suberbia - Green Day, Nothing to Lose - Billy Talent

Book: Fahrenheit 451