People are stupid in the cold

The guy walked up wearing a leather jacket which may or may not have had a warm liner inside listening to his discman or MP3 player. It would not have been so noticeable if he had been wearing a toque or hat of some sort but he wasn't. Why wasn't he? Well perhaps he thought was too cool for wearing one. Obviously he was an idiot who eventually came to his senses. After standing in the cold (-44 ÂșC in the wind, which he was) for about two minutes he puts his gloveless hands in his pockets to pull out things to cover his ears followed by gloves, which he promptly puts on. His girlfriend arrives at the bus stop looking as stupid as he did on arrival. She lights her cigarette with her hands clearly shaking from the cold. A large "fur" rimmed hood is part of her jacket but such a thing would ruin her hair.

The wrong bus arrives and all of us at the stop get on because at least it is going in the right direction. I got off two stops later at the high school where the fools from the previous stop attend school. However short, the stint in the warm bus held me over for the two minutes before my bus arrived and took Jamie and me to work. There were lots of projects to do. Fill binders, fill boxes, shrink-wrap books, build a fort (ok that didn't happen but that would be a good day at work, and you all know it), pull all the used books from the back and put them on a table to be returned to the la la land from whence they came. Unfortunately, it seems that it was my last day because the textbook rush at Mount Royal is over, and therefore I am not really needed.

I didn't do much tonight other than watch an episode of Corner Gas with Kelda and The O.C.. I wrote a "blind" cover letter so that I can apply for jobs on Monday, once I get all my contacts in order. I really want to be done with all this getting a job business and get to the making my supervisor crazy with trying to keep me busy, since no job is too big. At work today they kept telling Jamie and me that we were too fast. It took use like 15 minutes to put together 33 boxes with 3 binders each and secure the contents, which was apparently quite fast.

I think I will sleep in a bit tomorrow since I don't get to work and I have been getting up early almost all days since I started working last Wednesday. And I'm watching The Daily Show for the first time for a long time.

Song: Bailadores - The Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Deseos de Cosas Imposibles - La Oreja de Van Gogh

Book: Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury