Looking for a job. BLAH!

I applied for some jobs today and was supposed to call some contacts, but of course I wasn't given their phone numbers and was told that I could get them today. Of course I couldn't get them today because they hadn't been called yet. Did I mention before how much I hate looking for jobs, well if I didn't then here it is I HATE LOOKING FOR A JOB. Not because I don't like interviews (which I'm apparently supposed to call meetings), I really do like those. They are always enjoyable even if they are a tad stressful. I don't like the part where nobody ever calls me back when I apply and I have to call them and they say "oh well we aren't interested". (Why the fuck didn't you just tell me that in the first place.) Also I don't like sending/handing out many applications/resumes and never getting any calls even though the nice person at the Youth Employment Centre says that it is a good cover letter and a very nice resume. It is just annoying.

So far I have really good odds when I get an interview, I think I have not got 2 jobs that I have had interviews for, but I haven't had that many interviews. I'm just annoyed.

Song: White America - Eminem

Book: Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw - Will Ferguson