Ploughboy and ICT's scent

I confused somebody with my post last night, forgetting that it was after midnight I used 'today'. Oops...

Today, I actually did play squash and have a small blister on my thumb as a result. It was nice to actually do something active that wasn't just walking somewhere because it seems like it is more active than walking. Ignoring the part where I might walk for hours and hours but only play squash for 40 minutes. It made me wish Braden was here to play squash. Not that I liked him always beating me, but it was nice that there was somebody around who could play. Hopefully he will come back and be an engineer with me in the fall, but knowing him that might not pan out.

Meghan and I had another Scrabble night tonight. We did last Saturday night too. It was fun. At one point the tiles I had added up to 25 points thankfully I got rid of them and didn't get stuck with anything that cost me. We also watched the first three episodes of Seinfeld, and they were quite funny. I wouldn't have ever bought the DVDs of it, but I'm glad that they were given to me for Xmas.

I haven't a clue what I will spend this week doing. Maybe I will just go to the university and hang out reading books. Wouldn't that be all scholarly. Or perhaps I would just end up socializing with all the people that I haven't talked to for two years since I left for Edmonton. Who knows...

I was thinking the other day while I was at the university madly running around getting myself registered into my engineering economics class that I really liked the UofC. I like it so much more than I liked the UofA. At first I thought the UA was nice and friendlier, but I didn't really get to know all that many people. It wasn't until exam the end of the first semester when I actually went out with anybody other than Lisa or people who came to visit me. And second semester I only ever did anything with Lisa or Heather. You'll all probably call me crazy but the UC has a smell about it that is different, not a stench though sometimes in MacHall if you sit too close to the garbage end of the tables, but that isn't what I'm talking about. I think it was when I was in the bookstore and ICT that I really noticed. I liked it and it made me feel like it was somewhere that I wanted to spend lots of time; something that I never did at the UA. I remember once being fed up with Jen and Megan I went to SUB to study, but other than that I never studied on campus in Edmonton.

In conclusion, I like the UC so much more than the UA, and I am glad that I decided to come back to finish what I started and do what I should've done when I applied to change to a combined program mid-way through second semester of first year. Eventually we all realise what we know we want to be doing, sometimes it takes more time (or money) than it should to come to the conclusion.

Song: Some Flowers Bloom Dead - The Wallflowers (It really isn't a depressing song)
Book: Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw