bromine gets in your hair

I went skating, and it was pretty good ice considering that it had been above zero Celsius for over 20 hours by the time I went. Anyway, Melissa and I had fun and later after TV and a game we went in the hot tub. I haven't been in there in quite some time, but it was nice to go in.

I didn't do too much else. I got up late, finished copying my cousin's notes for my class, and helped my mum with some tax stuff. I got annoyed with how slow her computer is, but I don't think it helps that she has many old image files taking up loads of space. I'll fix it one day but not now since I should get to bed.

After a bit of thinking I have realised that I live in a great spot in the city for bus service. There is the bus that goes downtown, which also connects to the C-train, and then the 72/73 and 20 that take me to the university and work. The best part is that they don't take much time to get to any of those places. 20 minutes max for downtown, the train and the university. I hadn't ever really thought about it before. My only complaint is that the 72/73 and 20 are 5-8 minutes away depending on how fast I walk and that can easily be me missing the bus or not. I haven't recently missed the 5 to downtown, but it is maximum 2 minutes from my house.

Song: Fell in Love - Moxy Früvous, 3x5 - John Mayer

Book: Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw (oops the cover got a bit wet today but hopefully it won't warp. I should finish the book and lend it to somebody else.)