that linguistics thing...

Another late night. I didn't really mean to stay up this late, but you know how time just starts to pass. Anyway, tonight I watched Super Troopers, it was quite amusing. Last night, I watched Without a Paddle. What else... Oh, I had class today and it was good except that all these jackasses who don't really want to be in the class talk for the whole thing. If they could just shut up that would be awesome, it probably won't happen.

I got a bunch of reading done at the university before my class, and tomorrow I'm going to a 'Hot Topics in Linguistics' talk at 2. It should be good. I liked Dr. Howe's last presentation that I attended. Of course, I have ignored the title and dismissed it as absurd because there aren't really any "hot topics" so much as "worthy topics". Though there aren't that many worthy topics as people have some perverse desire to find out obscure and mostly useless aspects of English or Spanish verbs. You really need to figure out that Indo-European languages have been picked to death and you need to move on to more "exotic" languages. How about the ones in your backyard, or the ones that would probably be in your backyard had the Europeans not come and killed off/rounded up the native people of this land.

Song: Let's Go - Ruby Vileos, All the King's Men - Benzos

Book: Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw (3/4 completed)