fixing it up

What can I do to make my blog better?

Offering a so-called 'free gift' to every twelfth visitor is one idea, but I won't be doing that. So what else could be suggested by you?

While I was at the university today, I ran into Melissa. So I hung out with her for a while until she decided that it was time to head off to work. I then got a slurpee and continued to read my book, which I am going to finish when I'm done this post. My class was better than Tuesday. I think not sitting in the same spot changed the noise that I heard. I really quite like my prof. He tells many stories about, well, everything. The one thing that isn't so favourable, though now expected by me in Alberta, is that he is a little [READ: quite] conservative or maybe big 'c' Conservative. Anyway, it could be worse.

Song: Michigan Militia - Moxy Früvous, Daughters - John Mayer

Book: Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw - Will Ferguson