abridged week

This weeks seems to have passed faster than last week and it seemed like last week just flew past. Oh well worse things could happen.

This week so far: The UofC got my UofA transcripts so they claim to be looking at my application now, though they can't make a final decision until they get the mark for my Engg Econ class. It's just silly but oh well at least they have my transcripts. I have been told that I would make a good auto body mechanic and an okay carpenter. I finally got my French magazine subscription arriving (two issues today, it is L'actualité). I heard a bunch of good music this week. I painted my aunt's basement suite, and it is all pretty now. And yea. We finally moved the last big things from the old lab to the new and that makes me quite happy since now I don't have to go over to the old one most mornings. Oh I edited my first paper for my grad student that I'm am helping out. That was a fun time.

This entry seems really not like me with everything in one paragraph. Oh well it's done now, and I should go to bed since 6.30 comes soon when you go to bed at any hour.

Music: Goodnight, Goodnight - Hot Hot Heat
Book: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Ken Kesey