a great weekend

This weekend was really good. I went up to Edmonton to see Heather. I drove up right after work on Friday. I didn't get there too late, so we went out for dinner at Boston Pizza. Following that we watched Donnie Darko with Lise-Ann and Justin. (Oh, that is how the real version ends you guys, I just asked CB.) It is an odd movie but well worth watching.

Saturday we got up late, which was nice since I only get to do that on weekends theses days. South Edmonton Common was our destination for the afternoon. Heather exchanged some shirts she had bought a few weeks ago. I bought tons of stuff. I bought new jeans, finally, and a nice shirt from Mark's, some lights from Home Depot and then lots from Ikea. I got a lamp and some shelves and nice little plates for my plant pots to sit on, among other things requested by people in my house. We ate lunch, well maybe late lunch, at Ikea. The fish and chips were quite good. I was planning on trying the Swedish meatballs but have really wanted fish for a while. Later we had pizza for dinner, which was quite good even though it wasn't expensive at all. We played a bit of Mario Cart 64 with people from the floor.

Today, we got up late again and watched some NCAA basketball over egg-on-a-buns and hashbrowns. Then I came home. The drive home was pretty good since the roads were dry and it wasn't too bright out. As usual it took like half an hour to get from the UofA to the edge of Edmonton, well the edge as in where you get to drive highway speeds, and took just 10 minutes to get from the edge of Calgary where the speed drops to my house.

Anyway, I had a great time this weekend, but this week I need to study for my midterm since it is on the 21st. I'm sure I will manage to study it all provided I don't sit around watching movies and playing solitaire after work.

Song: Pistach - Wyclef Jean
Book: The Chosen - Chaim Potok