two in a row...

Tonight/Last night I went to play pool with Meghan, Linds, Pearl, Steve and Rachel. It was fun, and I did win my last game against Rachel, though it took forever. After that we went and played Settlers of Catan, which is always fun. Though I'm not sure that I have played more than 4 games without there being a new player playing.

I'm hoping to go over to Jamie's tomorrow and watch NCAA and maybe study a bit for Engg Econ. I really just have to finish the questions from chapter 6 and go over my notes a few times, since I seem to have completely forgotten even the things we did in the last class which was hardly more than 30 hours ago or something like that. Hopefully it will be a good weekend. I wish I had cable so I could just sit here and watch the games.

Song: Carry This Picture - Dashboard Confessionals
Book: Kim - Rudyard Kipling