working sucks

It seems that people are becoming less interested in talking these days. Everybody appears online for a minute or two, talking shortly then leaving to do something more interesting. It is mildly annoying especially when you want to talk to them, but find it isn't worth the effort to start a conversation because they are leaving very shortly anyway.

Yesterday, I went out and did a bunch of stuff. Like go to the library and get passport pictures. Then Meghan called me after she was done work and we went out for Vietnamese it was very good. I think better than the place we go for lunch at work. It was spicier, not a bland. We proceeded to get a pie and had a fun adventure with a piece falling not only on the floor but hitting everything between the plate and the floor including my pant leg and Meghan's sock. Later, we watched Dirty Pretty Things and it was quite a good movie. Well, I enjoyed it anyway.

Today, I went to the library again as I had returned a CD case yesterday but accidentally left the CD in my computer. It didn't much matter as they hadn't checked it in yet, even though I had returned it earlier in the day yesterday. Jamie and I had subs and watched a couple movies. Wilby Wonderful, an excellent Canadian movie, and School of Rock, also pretty good. Now, I am at home and thinking of starting a book, How to be a Canadian by Will and Ian Ferguson.

Song: Hold On - Amy Correia
Book: How to be a Canadian