the recap

I was kind of disappointed that nobody seemed to have an opinion of my previous post or the information contained within it. Oh well.

So this week I had my last Engg Econ quiz and it was really funny. Well not so much the quiz but this girl who said kind of loudly that "they changed it!" She was referring to the quiz because they only change the numbers, apparently, in most years. I don't have any old quizzes, and not because I wasn't offered them. I thought I didn't need them and I didn't. I just figured out that if I get 40% on my final I will get a C+ in the class, so that's good to know. I don't plan to get a 49% because that would just be a stupid thing to do. I want 85% or above.

I did drywalling everyday for a little bit at work this week. There was so much dust but I had a mask and I wore a hate so that it didn't infest my hair. However, my arms are really dry now from getting all that dust on them. My poor arms... I even put lots of cream on them.

Thursday night, Melissa called me from work asking if I wanted to watch The OC with her. I didn't want to watch it but knew I would anyway so I said yes. We watched the Apprentice, too, which sucked much ass. Of course we fit in our requisite game of Yahtzee.

Friday, I left work early because there wasn't much to do. I dropped of a resume and then came home to bake a pizza. Meghan and I got slurpees and went to Jamie's to watch movies. We watched Wilby Wonderful (yes, again) and One Hour Photo. The first was as good as the first time and the second was almost as creepy as the first time I saw it.

Today, I didn't accomplish that much. I shredded a bunch of old credit card documents and cleaned out part of this closet that is attached to my room; it is very cold in there. I pumped up my bike tires and started to fix another bike only to find out the tire had a leak and the back brake was missing a screw, so that will take a bunch more work. I also think I am going to buy new tires for mine because the tire walls are stretched quite a bit and don't look very happy.

Tonight, Jamie is over and we are just puttering around the internet. And I'm uploading a bunch of photos to Flickr. I will add a link to my photos on the sidebar.

I think tomorrow I will study for my Engg Econ final, which is on Thursday. Most of the day I will probably hope that the university conference housing will call me and I will get a job. I wonder if anybody from where I work now has ever seen my blog or would even know it was mine if they happened across it.

I still want to watch High Fidelity. Maybe I will get around to that tomorrow.

Song: Mendoza Line - The Dudes (thanks Heather)
Book: I think I will start East of Eden by John Steinbeck soon-ish or maybe Why I Hate Canadians by Will Ferguson