Looooong Weekend

This weekend was a really long one. It basically started Friday morning after my first class because I didn't go to any more classes that day because they were trying to teach me how to use the library. Anyway, I got a ride down to Calgary on Friday afternoon, and that was nice since the bus isn't my favorite means of transport for distances. I went out to a movie on Friday night with Rhoda. We saw Motorcycle Diaries, it was really a good movie. It almost made me want to drive a motorcycle around South America, though from their experience maybe I should try a different mode of transport.

Saturday: I went to the mall to buy a new pair of jeans and ended up with another pair of work pants just in black this time. That night I went over to Jasmine's and the bunch of us went on a scavenger hunt of sorts. My item for the hunt was to run up a long set of wooden stairs down by the river. I was really surprised that I could actually run up them without falling over at the top or very near to the top. Then we threw flower pedals from a bridge, and played Hide-and-Seek.

Sunday: I went over for a Thanksgiving dinner at Rhoda's and that was fun. After that, I went home and had another Thanksgiving dinner, which was also very good. Later, since I wasn't feeling too bad after all that turkey, I went over to Caitlin's and a bunch of us played pool, it was just like old times.

Monday: Melissa and I went on a trek around Nose Hill. It was really nice up there, even if it was a bit windy. Monday night I went out for dinner with my dad and sisters, then to my dad's to watch a movie, Cold Mountain. It was also a good movie, but I did find that it was a bit long.

Tuesday: Today, I went down to the Greyhound terminal and got on the noon express back to Edmonton. I did some reading, watched some TV and talked.

Song: For You - Barenaked Ladies
Book: Fuzzy Logic