the day after the day after

Well last night I got the mark for the multiple choice part of my exam and I did quite well... 55/60. I also found out that assuming I did the calculations right that I got the first and last long answer questions all right. The middle one I know I made a small mistake on but it should drop me too much.

I had a pretty good interview today at the University and hopefully that will pan out with a follow-up interview next week. Before that I had a good 6.5 hours at the lab in which I finished more work than I usually do in that time. I guess I just had a groove of some sort. Not sure what there is to do tomorrow, but that is something to figure out then.

There was something else... Oh yea. I heard this great program on CJSW today. It was a presentation of Alternative Radio. It was a talk given by Lester Brown about his book Plan B, which is about improving the environment. Anyway, I enjoyed his talk thoroughly and put the book on hold at the library.

Song: Mount Pleasant - Dragon Fli Empire off CBC Radio 3 new music Canada Vol. 1
Book: the Cold War