disjointed what a word

It has been too long. I should have posted over the course of the week. Oh well it is too late now. Last week I got my first pay cheque from work which was nice though I only kind of like getting real cheques rather than direct deposit.

Really nothing interesting happened. I painted for my aunt this weekend and therefore my weekend was not relaxing at all. Tomorrow night I should read up in Engg Econ so that I am finally at the right place in the text, and know what is on the quiz this week. But the next two weekends I am going to do nothing stressful. Since it will be reading week. Though I will have to work for 4 days during reading week at the lab, but that's fun.

Last week flew by so fast at work on Thursday we were all thinking it was Tuesday, and then out of no where it was *BAM!* Friday.

Anyway, this disjointed post will come to an end now.

Song: Cuidate - La Oreja de Van Gogh
Book: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest