This weekend has been quite productive. It didn't seem like it would when I got up today. However, I finished my taxes and sent them, worked on my mum's with her, actually studied for my midterm, which is tomorrow night, and finished organising my room so the floor can be seen and the desk and table can be used. I was really impressed with the taxes since I had to figure out an Adjusted Cost Base for some mutual fund that I sold last year and that was a pain in the butt, I'm fairly certain that I did it correctly as I did it how their example showed.

I got a free little cooler from work on Friday because we got a bunch (50) new coolers and they all come with a little one inside them. And the number of little coolers we receive in a year is directly proportional to the number five, ok maybe six. Needless to say we don't need 50 more. So now I can have cold/cool food if I go on a picnic or something.

Yesterday, Jamie and I had great subs from Vietnam Fortune, which is on 14th St. beside Chicken-on-the-Way. The sit down service was ok, but the food was amazing. Ever since I left I have wanted to go back and get another sub. We also watched The Incredibles, which is a really fun movie.

Song: The Love Song - K-OS, Kaze Wo Atsumete - はっぴいえんど
Book: Kim

[Edit: I'm told that the artist of the second song can only be read by my friends who have Macs, I'm sorry the rest of you can't bask in the Japanese characters which those ????? should be displayed as.]